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Award 17 - Darrin "The 3DGM"

Awaiting Orders

Darrin "The 3DGM"

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Some comments about creating the graphic from Darrin:

Awaiting Orders came about as a result of a great amount of encourgment by Alceu Baptistao to continue my humble attempts at photo-realism. There was a young woman at work who's face I wanted to use in a render. She has a very unique face in that it is a blend of oriental and latino, and it gives her a beauty all her own.

My render really does not look like her, that is to say, it is not an attempt to reproduce her likeness, however, it does have all of her facial traits.

The pose and setting is somewhat from my own experience as I had spent 10 years in the Marine Corps. I tried to capture the feel for something I had done a great many times myself, standing at the crack of down 'awaiting orders'.

The only thing I think might be different than what you might think is the lighting. Most people have quessed I used a form of Dome lighting. No, there are seven lights, two spots and five infinite or bulb lights. They vary in color from a dim white, to a very pale blue. This gives the render it's own look. It took about 2 weeks to get it right.

The actual rendering only took about five minutes. The rendering was done in two stages, first, after the complete scene was created, the Captain of the guard was turned off and the background scene was rendered and saved as a .tif file. Then the Captain was restored and the background was turned off and the second render was made and also saved in the .tif format, thus saving the alpha channel.

Total time from concept to completion was about three weeks off and on.



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